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Terms & Conditions

This Merchant Agreement (the “Agreement”) is between Savoll FZ LLC, a United Arab Emirates company, (“Savoll”) and Merchant as described over leaf, a United Arab Emirates company, (“Merchant”). “Savings” is a mobile application and web platform owned and operated by Savoll FZ LLC.

Upon signing this, Merchant shall use the application to promote & offer discounts to Savings App customers through the Savings Merchant Application developed by Savoll. Merchant shall use the application on the mobile or any devices through available IP network. Whereas Savoll and Merchant assign respective responsible persons for establishing the services and installing the application. Savoll shall give access to its Savings Merchant Application to Merchants based on the following conditions:

  1. Master Merchant Agreement (“Terms of Use”) agreed by Merchant (which is uploaded on Savoll’s website www.savoll.com and shall be amended from time to time by Savoll, which is an integral part of this agreement).
  2. Merchant account will be activated within 30 days of signing this agreement.
  3. Merchant should honor all Savoll / Savings Customers and Savoll’s / Saving’s Partner Customers as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions. The following are the main features of the application:a) Direct Savings: Merchant will offer Savings customers and Saving partner customers a direct discount. (as per the Offer section attached below)b) Real time Offers: Merchants can push offers/deals at any time or during low business hours on a real time basis.
  4. Merchants should keep their Savings Merchant Application active with offers and up to date as per terms and conditions mutually agreed.
  5. Savoll shall not be responsible for any interruption of services to Merchant / Outlets, such as, device problems or ISP problems. All application related issues shall be reported to Savoll and Savoll shall fix it within a reasonable time.
  6. Merchant may terminate the agreement with Savoll by serving a 60 (Sixty) days advance notice to Savoll.
  7. Savoll may terminate this agreement, effective immediately upon written notice, if Merchant is found to be non-compliant in its use of Savoll / Savings application.
  8. Merchant may offer separate discounts for its outlets or other locations. The discounts at each outlets/location will be shared separately with Savoll/Savings through Merchant Outlet App and will become part of this agreement.
  9. Merchant can upload new offers on their Web panel or through their Merchant Outlet App.
  10. Savoll has the right to accept or reject any offer submitted by the Merchant or merchant Outlet.
  11. This agreement is valid till 31st December 2022.


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